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  • "The idea of buying a car with VC money and selling to someone else was crazy," DN Capital partner Steve Schlenker told Insider.

  • For example according to the DN model, one explains the acceleration of a falling body by showing how it can be deduced from Newton’s laws.

  • As explained above, examples like (2.4.1) are potential counterexamples to the claim that the DN model provides necessary conditions for explanation.

  • E could not be false in a world described by Dn because Dn is included as a disjunct of D because it completely describes a word where E is true.

  • "You can understand why others want to sell, but the founders didn't want to sell," Marovac added, saying that his other DN Capital partner, Schlenker, was disciplined.

  • Then event C causes event E if and only if there is a chain C, D1, …, Dn, E such that each member in the chain (except C) is counterfactually dependent on the event before it.

  • A derivation can satisfy the DN criteria and yet be a defective explanation because it contains irrelevancies besides those associated with the directional features of explanation.

  • While the explanandum of a DN or DS explanation can be deduced from the explanans, one cannot deduce that some particular individual, John Jones, has recovered from the above statistical law and the information that he has taken penicillin.

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  • Stated more generally, both the DN and IS models, share the common idea that, as Salmon (1989) puts it, “the essence of scientific explanation can be described as nomic expectability—that is expectability on the basis of lawful connections” (1989, p. 57).

  • But even if Nagel’s account is weakened to allow approximative arguments (as Hempel modified his DN model of explanation), as some advocates of reductionism have urged (e.g., Schaffner 1967; Churchland 1985), this still doesn’t circumvent the problem of the appeal to macroscopic properties in the explanation of microscopic properties.

  • First, in her paper “The Truth doesn’t explain much” (reprinted in Cartwright 1983), Nancy Cartwright criticizes the DN-model of explanation on the grounds that the alleged laws on which the explanation relies (according to the DN-model) are not true, but rather generalizations that hold under special, typically ideal, conditions only.

  • For example, it conceives of theories as syntactic entities, and it views reduction as explanation cashed out in terms of the DN model (Hempel & Oppenheim 1948), which has itself been challenged on many grounds, especially those regarding the asymmetry of explanation (for an overview that focuses on problems arising from reduction as explanation, see Craver (2007: chap. 2), and for problems concerning the DN model, see Salmon 1989).


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    Use Dn in a sentence

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