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  • …(they are criticized in the Phaedo and the Republic but receive respectful mention in the Philebus).

  • When one turns from the Phaedo to the Republic, the notion of hypothesis appears in the two ‘upper’ segments of the line.

  • It is clear that the point generalizes to all properties, including the property of being large (see Phaedo 100c4–6, 102e5–6).

  • …of a manuscript of Plato’s Phaedo (c. 100 ce; Egypt Exploration Society, London) shares the informality of cursive but regularizes the letter forms.

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  • Phaedo, a former slave echoing the slave of the Eleven, called Socrates, “the best, … the wisest and the most upright” (Phaedo 118a).

  • Again, Plato takes pains in the Apology and later works to show that the mature Socrates is not interested in this project (Phaedo 96a–d, Phaedrus 229c–e).

  • Mind (DK 59 A1); his view that the cosmos is controlled by nous, mind or intelligence, first attracted and then disappointed Socrates (Plato, Phaedo 97b8ff.).

  • …in the middle dialogues Symposium, Phaedo, and Republic, the exchange is usually interpreted as a negative assessment by Plato of the adequacy of his earlier presentation.

  • …condemnation of Socrates) and the Phaedo (a portrayal of Socrates’ last hours and death)—he brilliantly re-creates the response of an extraordinary character to the crisis of existence.

  • Many commentators on the Timaeus have pointed out that the teleological account set out in the Timaeus is the fulfillment of a quest for teleological explanations related in the Phaedo (see, e.g., Strange 1999).

  • The Phaedo culminates in the affecting death of Socrates, before which he discusses a theme apposite to the occasion: the immortality of the soul (treated to some extent following Pythagorean and Orphic precedent).

  • …to works such as Republic, Phaedo, Phaedrus, and Philebus for a historically accurate account of the thought of Socrates—even though they contain a speaker called Socrates who argues for certain philosophical positions and opposes others.

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  • His most celebrated work, Phädon, oder über die Unsterblichkeit der Seele (1767; “Phaedo, or on the Immortality of the Soul”), defended the immortality of the soul against the materialism prevalent in his day; his title reflects his respect for Plato’s Phaedo.

  • In his dialogue the Phaedo, Plato expounded a theory of literally innate ideas; humans, for example, have a conception of exact Equality, which, since it could not have been supplied by the senses, must have been acquired by the soul before it was embodied (see also reincarnation).

  • There are a significant number of other passages where something very like Theaetetus’ claim (D3) that knowledge is “true belief with an account” is not only discussed, but actually defended: for instance, Meno 98a2, Phaedo 76b5–6, Phaedo 97d–99d2, Symposium 202a5–9, Republic 534b3–7, and Timaeus 51e5.

  • All three theses might seem contentious today. (1) seems to allude to Phaedo 100e’s notorious thesis about the role of the Form of F-ness in any x’s being F—that x is F “by the Form of F-ness.” (2) looks contentious because it implies (3); and (3) brings me to a second question about 142a–145e (which is also an important question about the whole dialogue): What is the meaning of the Greek word that I am translating as “knowledge,” epistêmê?


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