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  • But, he said, “we have no idea what the extent of the problem is.”

  • We have all been affected as composers, as teachers, as musicians by recordings to an extent that cannot possibly be calculated as yet. . . .

  • To the extent that it’s an immediate cinematic experience, it’s a daring but tasteless jumble of stylistic flourishes and dramatic intentions.

  • Since then, remote sensing data have indicated an increase in Antarctic sea ice extent parallel to the decrease in Arctic sea ice extent through the 1980s and ’90s.

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  • Extent, he explained, has three dimensions, length breadth, and height; a line is a length without breadth, its extremities are called points and a point therefore has no extent.

  • But that maximal summation of person-stages which, according to perdurance theory, is me and has a temporal extent of at least fifty years, could not have had a temporal extent of a mere five years.

  • To the extent that causal relations are supposed to be necessary connections in nature, and to the extent that one generally favors the reduction of the modal to the occurrent, one will have a general reason to resist any causal primitivism.

  • Trump’s campaign, 77 percent of voters agreed that China covered up the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, and 79 percent of voters indicated they did not think China had been truthful about the extent of infections and deaths, according to a Republican briefed on the poll.

  • “Travel Corridor factors taken into account by JBC & Ministers inc: Covid-19 prevalence; level & rate of change; extent of in-country tests, regime & test positivity; extent of contained outbreak as opposed to general transmission; govt actions and other epidemiological information.”

  • …driven by the difference between air temperature and surface temperature, the extent and duration of ice covers more or less coincide with the extent and duration of average air temperatures below the freezing point (with a lag in the autumn due to the cooling of the water from its summer…

  • Much turns on empirical analyses of actual politics—to what extent our interest in community is indeed threatened by excess liberal politics, to what extent the state can play a role in remedying the situation, to what extent the nourishment of communal ties should be left to civil society, and so on.

  • “Fit,” of course, refers to the extent to which the theory accounts for the observed phenomena—for the doctrinal economic analysts, the extent to which it accounts for the observed outcomes and for the deontic critics the extent to which it accounts for the reasoning of the courts and the relevant structural features.

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  • An example of a naturalistic ethical theory is John Stuart Mill’s version of utilitarianism, according to which action is morally right to the extent that it tends to produce happiness (or pleasure, broadly construed) and morally wrong to the extent that it fails to produce happiness or tends to produce unhappiness (or pain, broadly construed).

  • Finally, the extent to which these heuristic presumptions are cogent and effective in guiding work in Africana philosophy is a matter that is to be continuously explored and tested in the agora of disciplined, ethical scholarship and thus confirmed or disconfirmed, to whatever extent appropriate, in accord with proper methods of critical review properly deployed.

  • The inquiry will assess the extent of the problems – and the extent to which the problems were the result of, among other things, staffing levels, prevalence of racist attitudes, the use of restraint techniques, the extent of mental health provision within the centre, the availability of drugs, problems with language barriers, and the centre’s management of self-harm.

  • Labour law has won recognition as a distinctive branch of the law within the academic legal community, but the extent to which it is recognized as a separate branch of legal practice varies widely depending partly on the extent to which there is a labour code or other distinctive body of labour legislation in the country concerned, partly on the extent to which there are separate labour courts or tribunals, and partly on the extent to which an influential group within the legal profession practice specifically as labour lawyers.


  • noun state

    - the point or degree to which something extends

    Example: the extent of the damage

  • noun attribute

    - the distance or area or volume over which something extends

    Example: the vast extent of the desert

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