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  • Working on this team, in particular, it's so important for multi-skilled.

  • In particular, they provide the basis for a consistent realist ontology of fictitious objects.

  • Insurtechs catering to changing demands during the pandemic experienced high investor interest in particular.

  • Piano arrangements of opera and ballet scores, in particular, have long proven their value in the preparation of performances.

  • A special programme examining Baroness Thatcher's relationship with sport, and in particular football, during the 1980's.

  • Why, in particular, does Madhva adopt a position which seems inconsistent with his emphasis on God's absolute sovereignty?

  • Its industries include brewing, the manufacture of furniture and textiles, and various handicrafts, in particular tapestry making.

  • In particular, there was a strong reaction against Nazism and a tendency for literature to be more political and more critical of both past and present.

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  • From this point of view, the historical developments in the Latin Middle Ages, in particular from the 12th to the 14th century, occupy a prominent position.

  • With regard to a wide range of questions in social and political philosophy in particular, the limitations of game theory may seem unhelpfully abstract and artificial.

  • Adapted from a self-help book called "Queen Bees and Wannabes," Mean Girls explores the politics and tensions of high school cliques - in particular - the so-called Mean Girls.

  • Trump's critics scrutinized his rhetoric and foreign-policy measures, which they described as alienating and abandoning allies while emboldening adversaries, Russia in particular.

  • In particular, he criticizes fictionalism, which conceives models as useful fictions (Cassini 2013), and contends that every scientific model has a target against those who claim that some models do not (Cassini 2018).

  • The issue became critical during the period of independence, when those who fought against the Spanish domination in particular faced the task of forming nations of a population that was diverse in race, culture, and origin.

  • To lead and implement thought leadership strategies including considerable time spent writing, commissioning, editing and pitching of editorial content in particular Op-eds and LinkedIn posts, as well as developing briefings for speaking opportunities.

  • In particular, Kim has criticized the Cuomo administration's Health Department's order to nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients discharged from hospitals, and the administration's lack of transparency over the data related to nursing home deaths.

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  • Resistance exercise such as weightlifting also has clear benefits for health and wellbeing in general – such as alleviating psychological distress, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases – and in particular maintaining strength, balance and coordination.

  • One important difference between parameterization (in particular, temporalization) and constrained fibring is the degree of symmetry: the parameterized language and inference rules are intrinsically asymmetric, while this is not the case of constrained fibring.

  • Classical genetics nevertheless finds a simple way to explain transmission phenomena by appealing to the difference principle, according to which particular differences in particular genes cause particular differences in phenotypic traits in particular contexts (see section 2.1).

  • She first motivates attention to powers (rather than supervenience or epistemic notions, in particular) as a properly metaphysical basis for characterizing realization; she then argues that a variety of seemingly diverse non-reductive physicalist accounts, including Yablo’s determinable-based account, are similar in aiming to ensure that the powers of a realized property are a proper subset of those of its realizing property (properties), in particular.

in particular

  • adv all

    - specifically or especially distinguished from others

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