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  • Modern chemistry primarily deals with microstructure, not elemental composition.

  • This microstructure is called pearlite, and the change is called the eutectoidic transformation.

  • “In effect, we grow a material, controlling its composition and microstructure,” says Ms Lomasney.

  • One of the more important applications for engineering the microstructure of materials is in batteries.

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  • Is having a common essential microstructure sufficient to individuate chemical kinds and explain their general features?

  • (Recall that they are unaware of what the microstructure of the substance they call “water” is, although they assume that it has one.)

  • The properties of materials may even vary throughout their length and breadth, because it is becoming easier to tinker with the microstructure.

  • Stoneware is a semivitreous or vitreous whiteware with a fine microstructure (that is, a fine arrangement of solid phases and glass on the micrometre level).

  • In addition, the microstructure of hairs and scales refracts light in various ways so as to produce colours as well as metallic, pearly, iridescent, and white effects.

  • On the face of it, it appears that the causal theory of reference will be unable to supply us with the required account of the ‘microstructure of reference’ of mathematical discourse.

  • Molten metals cooled at rates as high as a million degrees per second tend to solidify into a relatively homogeneous microstructure, since there is insufficient time for crystalline grains to nucleate and grow.

  • However, although the expression “H2O molecule” describes a particular microentity, it by no means exhausts the kinds of microparticles in water, and says nothing of the microstructure by which they are related in water.

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  • Note that, if struck, the dish would retain for a sufficient time an intrinsic property, say, the microstructure responsible for its distinctive sound and, further, this intrinsic property would be a cause of the breaking.

  • For these reasons, microessentialist claims would need to be grounded in chemical classification and explanation: the systems of nomenclature developed by IUPAC are based entirely on microstructure, as are theoretical explanations of the chemical and spectroscopic behaviour of substances (see Hendry 2016).

  • Such a theory is expected to be able to provide a satisfactory description of the microstructure of spacetime at the so-called Planck scale, at which all fundamental constants of the ingredient theories, c (the velocity of light in vacuo), ℏ (the reduced Planck’s constant), and G (Newton’s constant), come together to form units of mass, length, and time.

  • There are two main interpretations of real essences in the literature: the relativized real essence thesis, according to which a real essence just is whatever microstructure causes the nominally essential qualities of the object; and (for lack of a better name) the unrelativized real essence thesis, whereby the real essences consist of the total microstructure of the substance, not just the features causally responsible for the nominal essence.


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