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  • Li finds scriptural support for his non-temporal approach to existence, and his associated teaching of the one true dharma-realm, in two tales.

  • In reply, it seems quite possible to conceive of a non-temporal causal relation, and thus to conceive of God, from outside of time, causing a series of contingent beings that has always existed.

  • But we can supplement our model by describing how long each stage lasts, thereby converting our non-temporal Turing machine model into a theory that yields detailed temporal predictions.

  • The interpolation just mentioned is particularly intriguing, since the non-temporal account of creation would fit badly with al-Kindi’s well-known rejection of the eternity of the world (Adamson 2007a, ch.4).

  • Medieval critics found the allegedly Thomist idea of the presence of each instant of time to God’s non-temporal eternal vision problematic because of the transitivity and symmetry of the relation of simulaneity.

  • Furthermore, he introduces an important distinction here: “We can however exhaustively partition all possible Gestalt qualities into the two non-overlapping categories of temporal and non-temporal.”

  • Harmony and timbre would be examples of non-temporal Gestalt qualities and with respect to chords, among others, Ehrenfels points out that “the Gestalt quality may sometimes force itself into the foreground, i.e., may make demands on our attention to such an extent that it is difficult to resolve its foundation into elements” (Ehrenfels 1890; Smith 1988, 95).

  • The guiding idea behind Grosseteste’s approach to a notion of non-temporal contingency is that even if a proposition such as “Antichrist will exist” (to use his standard example of a true, future contingent proposition) is true now and cannot become false until Antichrist comes into existence, the world might nevertheless have been such that “Antichrist will exist” was never true.

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  • And he thinks this approach dissolves ontological worries and frees us from any obligation to explain how finite, flesh-and-blood creatures like ourselves could come to have detailed knowledge of this independent realm of facts, this domain of configurations of abstract, non-temporal, non-causal objects and properties, a realm exposed by Carnap as a metaphysical illusion.

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    Most languages that possess temporal morphology use these means to differentiate between past and non-past.

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    (Most perdurantists think that things have non-instantaneous temporal parts too, like you-during-1999.)

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    A non-trivial correspondence between temporal logic and first-order logic as alternative languages for describing properties of time emerges.

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    Since the B-theory posits succession (a B-relation), an experience of succession is non-illusory, on the B-theory.

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    But there are also non-standard views.

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    Consequentially, their complexity can be very high (undecidable, non-axiomatizable, or even non-arithmetical), as Halpern & Vardi (1986) show in a pioneering study for the case of combining time and knowledge.

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    Other non-standard views take the basic perdurantist idea that persistence is much like spatial extension, then they develop the idea in different ways.

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    The Vaibhāṣika answers these questions, again, by appealing to the theory of the trans-temporal existence of dharmas and the possibility of a temporal separation between an immediately antecedent condition and its effects: thus, even in the case of longer (that is, non-momentary) temporal discontinuities in the mental stream, the causal principle of the immediately antecedent condition ensures that consciousness arises again from an instance similar to the one that preceded the attainment of cessation (cf.

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    In fact, PII(2) and PII(3) are clearly violated in classical physics, where distinct particles of the same kind are typically regarded as indistinguishable in the sense of possessing all intrinsic properties in common and such properties are regarded as non-relational in general and non-spatio-temporal in particular.

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    The physical world is temporal and declines; the non-spatiotemporal one is ideal and doesn’t.

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    Many Retentional theorists have eschewed the Non-Modal option in favour of the Modal alternative.


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