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  • This particular notion of bisimulation is not the only invariance that makes sense for games.

  • Modern genetic techniques can obtain DNA sequences from these viruses, but that cannot tie a particular virus to a particular host.

  • Maths formulae predict demand for particular items at particular times at particular shops, then allocate stock – but one-off events can throw the predictive software.

  • Its service acts as a kind of gatekeeper; it can restrict access to particular developers, limit the number of times particular APIs are accessed, and keep track of how often particular ones are being used.

  • The project has identified several hundred types of nerve cell this way, so it may be possible to tailor drugs to particular cell types, if not to particular brain regions.

  • Isn’t it necessarily the case that every colored object also has some particular shape, some particular size, is made of some particular material, and so forth?

  • A particular instance of any property is a way that something is, and the way that some particular thing is cannot be separated from the particular thing that is that way.

  • A particular property instance cannot exist and could not have existed without the substance of which it is a property, but the particular substance can exist and could have existed without that property instance.

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  • And other philosophers have supposed that the ontological structure of a particular incorporates individual properties or accidents—and that an accident is an accident of a certain particular just in virtue of being a constituent of that particular.

  • On one side of this distinction are those kinds of cognitive success that qualify particular objects, e.g., a particular belief, or a particular procedure, or a particular credence function, or a particular research program.

  • Indian languages, languages spoken in the state of India, generally classified as belonging to the following families: Indo-European (the Indo-Iranian branch in particular), Dravidian, Austroasiatic (Munda in particular), and Sino-Tibetan (Tibeto-Burman in particular).

  • a ladder for ascending and descending; as, for instance, descending from a completely general principle to one neither completely general nor completely particular, and from a principle neither completely general nor completely particular to one that is completely particular.

  • There are limits to what can usefully be said about the concept of alienation in general; that is, what can usefully be said without getting involved in the complexities of particular accounts, advanced by particular authors or associated with particular intellectual traditions.

  • Classical genetics nevertheless finds a simple way to explain transmission phenomena by appealing to the difference principle, according to which particular differences in particular genes cause particular differences in phenotypic traits in particular contexts (see section 2.1).

  • Particular and formal objects constitute the two principal aspects of emotional intentionality: emotions are object-directed insofar as they have particular objects, and they are fitting insofar as their particular objects instantiate the formal objects represented by the emotion (see section 10.1).

  • There are many surveys of social choice theory, in broad and restrictive senses: Arrow, Sen and Suzumura (1997, in particular chap. 3, 4, 7, 11, 15; 2002, in particular chap. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10; 2011, in particular chap. 13, 14, 17–20), Sen (1970, 1977a, 1986, 1999, 2009), Anand, Puppe and Pattanaik (2009).

particular sentence examples

  • "This particular provision (the bill) is created because, whether you want to say it or not, it's created because there is a particular annoyance we have with a particular group of people who have decided to organize themselves because they are tired of being invisible and tired of being ignored," Omar said.

  • McDougall believed that many important social behaviours were motivated by instincts, but he viewed instincts as complex programs in which particular stimuli (e.g., social obstacles) lead to particular emotional states (e.g., anger) that in turn increase the likelihood of particular behaviours (e.g., aggression).

  • Here and only here do the rules of collateral damage apply, with the central question being, How much harm to bystanders and infrastructure is acceptable given the necessity of hitting a particular legitimate military target with a particular military means deployed by a particular military actor in a particular military context?

  • Just as semantic analyses can be endorsed on the basis of providing good systematisations of a set of intuitions regarding the applicability of particular terms in particular situations, Goodman claims, normative theories of reasoning can similarly be justified by their good fit with “the particular…inferences we actually make and sanction” (Goodman 1965: 63): no further considerations are required in order to be able to endorse a particular principle as rationally binding.


  • noun cognition

    - a fact about some part (as opposed to general)

    Example: he always reasons from the particular to the general

  • adj all

    - unique or specific to a person or thing or category

    Example: the particular demands of the job

  • adj all

    - separate and distinct from others of the same group or category

    Example: interested in one particular artist

  • noun relation

    - a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

  • adj all

    - surpassing what is common or usual or expected

  • noun communication

    - (logic) a proposition that asserts something about some (but not all) members of a class

  • adj all

    - first and most important

  • adj all

    - exacting especially about details

  • adj all

    - providing specific details or circumstances

    Example: a particular description of the room

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