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  • Or does he marry Harriet, thereby ruining their happiness?

  • So participants are thereby obligated to comply with the decision made by the majority.

  • Gliding snakes not only flatten their bodies but also draw in the ventral scales, thereby creating a trough.

  • First, it can perform simple but onerous tasks, such as compiling reports, thereby saving doctors’ time for patient care.

  • Cyanogen inhibits the proper utilization of oxygen within the blood cells, thereby “starving” and damaging the heart.

  • Someone who uses the term ‘C’ competently should be thereby able to come to know that (K) is true, in virtue of grasping the meaning of ‘C’.

  • Its synthesis is also stimulated in cells close to wounds, thereby sealing off the wound surfaces and protecting underlying cells from dehydration.

  • When soils are permeable, much of the water delivered to the surface infiltrates and does not produce surface runoff, thereby inhibiting surface erosion.

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  • Cuba’s government arrested and threatened dissidents ahead of a planned nationwide “civic march for change” in the communist state, thereby suppressing the protest.

  • And the surplus value that capitalists are thereby able to appropriate from workers becomes the source of capitalist profit, thereby “strengthening that very power whose slave it is” (Marx 1847: 40).

  • While conspicuous coloration emphasizes optical signals and thereby enhances communication, coloration may, conversely, suppress optical signals or create incorrect signals and thereby reduce communication.

  • A notable family of temporal logics, enriching the traditional framework, are hybrid temporal logics, which combine propositional temporal logic with elements of first-order logic and thereby considerably increase the expressive power of the language.

  • would be difficult to provide the sort of educational training necessary to fulfill the principle’s commands without thereby engaging in teaching that also combatted the stereotypes that produce significant differentiation of ambitions. (2004: 1650, fn31)

  • Here, a profile of individual welfare functions can be arbitrarily monotonically transformed (‘stretched or squeezed’) without informational loss, but the same transformation must be used for all individuals, thereby rendering interpersonal level comparisons meaningful.

  • Thus, for example, Country A, in exchange for reducing barriers to Country B’s products, which thereby benefit A’s consumers and B’s producers, will insist that Country B reduce barriers to Country A’s products, thereby benefiting Country A’s producers and perhaps B’s consumers.

  • Putting the basic idea crudely: after a while on Inverted Earth certain of your inner states that on Earth were reliably caused by the presence of red things and thereby represented redness will instead be reliably caused by the presence of green things, and thereby will come to represent greenness.

thereby sentence examples

  • On the other hand, the early rupturing of the amnion often increases the strength and frequency of the labour pains and thereby shortens the stage of dilatation; occasionally, premature loss of the amniotic fluid leads to molding of the uterus about the child and thereby delays dilatation by preventing the child’s normal descent into the pelvis.

  • Some realist positions take fictional objects to be types (Wolterstorff 1980), thereby sharing with non-orthodox Meinongianism a form of Platonism about fictional objects; others take them to be work-bound roles (Currie 1990), thereby holding a form of abstractionism that leads to a conception of fictional objects as dependent entities, like the conception explicitly defended by creationists (see below).

  • This is because judging brings together all the otherwise uncoordinated sub-acts and sub-contents of intuition, conceptualization, imagination, and reason, via apperception or rational self-consciousness, for the purpose of generating a single cognitive product, the judgment, under the overarching pure concepts of the understanding or categories, thereby fully integrating the several distinct cognitive faculties and their several distinct sorts of representational information, and thereby also constituting a single rational human animal.

  • This is what I understand to be true phenomenalism and perspectivism: that due to the nature of animal consciousness, the world of which we can become conscious is merely a surface- and sign-world, a world turned into generalities and thereby debased to its lowest common denominator,—that everything that enters consciousness thereby becomes superficial, thin, relatively stupid, general, a sign, a mark of the herd, that all becoming-conscious involves a vast and fundamental corruption, falsification, superficialization, and generalization.


  • adv all

    - by that means or because of that

    Example: He knocked over the red wine, thereby ruining the table cloth

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