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  • We don't care who you're married to or who you sleep with.

  • A woman who had problems with anybody who didn’t agree with her.

  • And the difficulty here is working out who is capable, and who isn’t.”

  • After the derailment, people who were injured called out to rescuers, including people who had been in their vehicles nearby and who rushed to help.

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  • The question of virtual participation for both those who are shielding, and those who are living with someone who is shielding, has been repeatedly raised.

  • The question is who needs to be in the office to do their job and who doesn’t, or who needs to be in a warehouse to do their job and who doesn’t.

  • Black people who are living on welfare, black people who can't eat, black people who don't know no knowledge of themselves, black people who don't have no future."

  • "Everybody knows who Muhammad Ali is, everyone knows who Mike Tyson is, everybody knows who Bruce Lee is - Bruce Lee died in the early 1970s and children still know who he is!

  • "They weren't the ones who heard the gunshots, they weren't the ones who ran, they weren't the ones who hid in closets, who hid behind desks, they weren't the ones who were shot at, and they weren't the ones who witnessed their peers die right in front of them.

  • Arya — our Arya, who begged to learn sword fighting, who attended her father’s execution, who befriended a pie baker and outargued lords, who wandered a war-blasted country, who studied face-changing and murder, who gained deadly power but seemed to lose her soul — got this done.

  • Like a cancer, the attacks spread from those who had reputations to those who were merely strong; from those who were active to those who merely had ideas; from those who stood out as individuals to those who failed to conform rapidly enough to the twists and turns of the changing line.

  • Those who have been specifically barred from entering the courthouses include: anyone who has traveled to China, South Korea, Japan, Italy or Iran in the last two weeks; anyone who has been asked to self-quarantine; and people who have tested positive for the coronavirus or been in contact with those who have.

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  • Access to it is correctly limited to its own professionals, to those who manage policy and those who report on it, to those who run the polls and those who quote them, to those who ask and those who answer the questions on the Sunday shows, to the media consultants, to the columnists, to the issues advisers, to those who give off-the-record breakfasts and to those who attend them; to that handful of insiders who invent, year in and year out, the narrative of public life.

  • To everyone from the intern who made me oatmeal when I woke up at the hospital that morning, to the deputy who waited beside me, to the nurses who calmed me, to the detective who listened to me and never judged me, to my advocates who stood unwaveringly beside me, to my therapist who taught me to find courage in vulnerability, to my boss for being kind and understanding, to my incredible parents who teach me how to turn pain into strength, to my friends who remind me how to be happy, to my boyfriend who is patient and loving, to my unconquerable sister who is the other half of my heart, to Alaleh, my idol, who fought tirelessly and never doubted me.

  • Important inventors of the Industrial Revolution included James Watt, who greatly improved the steam engine; Richard Trevithick and George Stephenson, who pioneered the steam locomotive; Robert Fulton, who designed the first commercially successful paddle steamer; Michael Faraday, who demonstrated the first electric generator and electric motor; Joseph Wilson Swan and Thomas Alva Edison, who each independently invented the light bulb; Samuel Morse, who designed a system of electric telegraphy and invented Morse Code; Alexander Graham Bell, who is credited with inventing the telephone; and Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, who constructed the first motorcycle and motorcar, respectively, powered by high-speed internal-combustion engines of their own design.

  • He who hesitates to get into the assault on the day of the battle; he who chooses to get a replacement because he has drawn a bad number in the draft lottery; he who was unable to save his comrade from life-threatening danger; he who does not have what it takes to be a hero; he who shows no ambition; he who remains indifferent to excelling or to the prestige of a medal of honor; he who ignores emulation because he does not seek superiority; he who has trouble keeping his emotions under control; he whose speech and writing style lack confidence; he who refuses women’s advances; he who performs coitus without ardor; he who refuses group debauchery—all these men lack virility even though their masculinity would not be challenged.


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